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Sneaky Sexists

(Mar 24, 2008)

by Sarah  

I recently got called "anti man" by the boyfriend of a friend of mine (a guy I suspect is an emotional blackmailer after reading your Manipulator Files) because I wrote a myspace bulletin about the "sneaky" kind of sexist who masquerades as being supportive of women, but really isn't.

The article was heavily directed towards men, I'll admit, but that was because it was in response to a particularly unsavory fellow who believed "dumb women" were the reason sexism against women still existed. He effectively blamed women for something that is perpetuated by men against women.  In his stunted world-view, women bring sexism on themselves, apparently, by having stupid members of our gender still living and breathing.   I wonder if this guy thinks a woman who is sexually assaulted was "asking for it" by the way she dressed...

At any rate, in my posting, I identified Sneaky Sexists as the following:

·         Men who claim they "love" women, who say they respect women, and then crack sexist remarks when there are no women around. The men who will call their wives/girlfriends and say "baby I love you", then cover the receiver while they pull a "ball and chain" routine with the boys. 

·         Men who believe that the male mindset is "logical", while the female mindset is "unreasonable" . Men like this can bend down and eat me, because I see through your facade.

·         Guys who think it's funny for male comics to use the "sex food silence" joke over and over again. I don't find it funny that you consider women voiceless tools for your pleasure.

·         Guys who are nice to women but still consider them inferior just because they have a vagina instead of a penis.  This includes guys who say they “adore” women but still see and refer to them as “the weaker sex”.

·         Guys who blame women for their lack of sexual gratification - especially those who couch their complaints in specious arguments like claiming that it's "easy" for women to get laid, but men have to be "chivalrous" to try and get some pussy. Do you even realize your hypocrisy? You're saying that being nice to a woman means she owes you sex!  And worse, you are implying that if you don’t get it, you are somehow a victim?

·         Men who claim "dumb" women are the reason for sexism against women.  Hello thar idiot, you just made yourself look like a big fat sexist. Sexism is not caused by "dumb women", it's caused by the ass-backwards mindset that one gender is superior to another. You aren't  earning any points with us by saying things like,  "OMG I NOT SAYIN ALL WIMMINZ R LIEK DIS BUT SHE IZ DUMB AND MAKIN OTHER WIMMINZ LOOK BAD!!!" So how come you don't say dumb men are a discredit to their gender huh? Answer me that, sexist.

·         And last but not least, the ones who will call a woman "anti man" if she protests patronizing and blatantly sexist treatment delivered under the guise of "I respect women, I really do, but…" 

I'm so sick to death of trying to explain over and over again that I don't hate men, that I hate this kind of behavior IN men. But what do I know, if I criticize ANY male behavior, I'm a she-woman man-hater right?


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