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Scarlett O'Hara a Heartless Bitch? You Bet!

by Susan Shepley

Scarlett O'Hara, from "Gone With the Wind", is a Heartless Bitch. What other heroine starts out with nothing but her wits and courage and ends up with more money and power than she could have ever imagined?

Scarlett manages to carry herself through the American Civil War and come out on top, in a society dominated entirely by men. First of all, she delivers her friend's baby all by herself without any guidance from anyone. After this baby was delivered, Scarlett used her resources to get a horse and wagon. She drove herself, the new born baby, the sickly mother and a slave from Atlanta, across the war torn countryside to her home.

When Scarlett arrived at her childhood home, Tara, she discovered it in ruins. Her mother had died, her father had gone insane, the house had been used as a Yankee head-quarters and almost everything had been stolen or burned. Despite this unhappy homecoming, Scarlett did not give up, or wait for a man to come a rescue her. Instead she swore that she would take care of her family come hell or high water. She took care of everything, including picking and planting cotton with her own bare hands.

This fiesty belle also committed murder to protect her own. A Yankee deserter came upon her home and threatened her with more than just a robbery. Scarlett pulled out her father's revolver, and shot the intruder in the head.

After the war ended, the carpet bagger and tax man took over, and Scarlett realized that cotton planting just wasn't going to cut it anymore. She had to get some money to support herself and her family somehow. She had no cash or power, and the fact that she was a woman further hindered her prospects. So Scarlett married her sister's boyfriend because he had a little store that was making a good bit of money, plus he had a lumber mill on the side. She acquired enough money to save her home and her family and then went on to take over the lumber mill herself!

Without the approval of her husband, or most of the people in Atlanta for that matter, Scarlett turned the lumber mill into the most prosperous business in the city. Scarlett even took to driving her own carriage, which shocked the city, because women just did not do that sort of thing.

When her husband was killed, she showed little remorse-- she had only married him to gain access to his finanical resources and influence. Now that the war was over, and her husband dead, she had money, power, the lumber mill and the store. Like so many Heartless Bitches, she had to face the disdain of others, because she had worked hard and risen above her detractors. While many people were living in poverty and despair because they wallowed in self pity and refused to do business with any Yankees, Scarlet had a grip on reality. She knew she couldn't live in the past, so she moved on, and became the richest woman in Altanta.

In the end Scarlett had all the power and money she could have ever dreamed of. Though she lost her child and then her true love, she did not lay down and die from her misfortunes. After having a good cry she picked herself up and went on with her life because after all, tomorrow was another day, and Heartless Bitches never give up the fight!

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