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Stalker Hypocrite who reeks of twisted male ego

(October 22, 2007)

by Alicia Wong


The title says it all. I have been trying to ignore the advances of this irately annoying male from my college.

My decision to ignore him was not avoidance, but merely because I don't see why us girls should compromise our own time and beliefs to pander to someone with such a damaged ego.

Have you ever met extremely depressed males, who ALWAYS seem to have something to complain about? They whinge about everything, from how the weather is, to what a girl wears, to the kind of perfume females wear. It's like they have some mistaken belief that if they can't get female attention legitimately, they'll try the "sympathy" route, as if, because we are women, we are genetically programmed to feel sorry for (and pay attention to) every sad-sack who whines to us. What is it with these men?! Judging from personal first hand experience, males like these like to subject themselves to harboring secret crushes for females who are their total opposites - mainly those who are good looking, smart, headstrong, confident and of course, females who actually have spines.

The thing is, when we women refuse their advances, it's pretty typical to find them calling ALL women Bitches. I've had IT with emo depressed males who continually complain and whine excessively about how they're never going to get a partner, or how girls will never give them a second glance. With their disheveled, unkempt appearance and miserable self-image, what female in her right freaking mind would?!
Moreover, these males reek of the kind of rotten twisted male ego that thinks that women absolutely have to pay attention to them. Once we pay attention to something or someone else, these males start to reek of green jealousy, returning to their hideous hypocrite selves.
They turn the tables and blame it on US WOMEN when the actual root of the problem itself lies WITHIN THEMSELVES. They didn't take time to reflect on THEIR OWN rotten behavior, or maybe they did but really, which independent female would dedicate her time and her entire life to a male who is such an attention whore? I'd definitely be the first to die of suffocation.

All you've got is ONE chance, ONE life, and what you do to it is completely up to you. If you think it's not good enough, STOP whining like you're mentally retarded, stop blaming everyone else for why you are miserable, and DO SOMETHING about it.

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