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Willful Stupidity

Feb 12, 2007

It's been said that there is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. But consider that continued willful ignorance IS stupidity.

For example, when I had melanoma I spoke to two "friends" who didn't know melanoma is deadly, more so than breast cancer. Learning something new, that you didn't know before, is one thing. Not knowing that melanoma is deadly is a VERY DIFFERENT thing. To be unaware of that, someone who is literate would have to be living in a cave. On Mars. Blindfolded. Facing the rear of the cave. With their fingers in their ears, shouting, "I don't wanna hear it, la la la." If they were not in a cave, they would walk by and STUMBLE over yet another article or headline about skin cancer. (Or hand-washing, or safety, etc.) Even pathetic people who read nothing but horoscopes or metaphysical books can still read! How can they miss it? The same way they sail out of the toilet after a quick dribble of water over their wiping hand? The same way they cook food for a potluck without washing their hands every time they cough or wipe nose? Or hold up traffic, too clueless to use the center turn lane? Or never learn First Aid and CPR? (Is there really anybody -that- stupid?)

Some ignorance isn't stupidity, but deliberately and steadfastly remaining in ignorance IS!

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