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The Heartless Bitch Responds to Unsolicited "Advice"

Every once in a while I get a lovely letter from an individual that not only doesn't get the POINT of HBI, he/she clearly EXEMPLIFIES the kind of attitude we Heartless Bitches find revoltingly fatuous.

Here's a real beaut.

(I really DO wonder what it must be like to be such a SUPERIOR human being....)

Subject: Re: Be Honest With Yourself
To: Ron Johnson
From: The Supreme Bitch

>Hello Natalie,
>Don't want to waste too much time with this, God knows I
>could expound in great detail.

If this is an example of your brevity, then heaven help us when you go into detail.....

>I happened upon your web page and was captivated for a
>short while. My first impression was that the discourse
>was written by an obviously intelligent woman and it was
>interesting to read some of the viewpoints from a woman's
>perspective (albeit an arguably mean spirited one)
>- admittedly I learned a new twist on some old knowledge.

"I'll appear to be (backhandedly) complimenting you in an attempt to gain creditability..."

>The only thing I could say after admiring the eloquent
>content was that this is coming from a woman who would
>really turn me off.

bzzzzt! Missed the point entirely, didn't you? I couldn't give a shit about what affects or doesn't affect your libido.

Have you ever noticed that when a woman is saying something they don't want to hear, it is a fairly common behavior of manipulators and controllers is to tell her that her behavior is "unattractive"....??? Especially when she is trying to expose the manipulator's behavior for the load of bull that it is.

If you had read deeply enough, you'd have realized that your patronizing parochial attitude is JUST the sort of thing HBI finds reprehensible.

What IS this whole idea that everything a woman does should enhance her "attractiveness" to the opposite sex (or at the very least, not detract from it)? I don't live my life for anyone else, and I sure as hell don't care whether or not some total stranger is turned on (or off!) by my behavior.... or my writing.... Your comments reveal how incredibly crass and shallow you are.

>You should know that the only people who would waste their
>time obsessing with these sorts of topics are very unhappy
>and insecure woman.

Tttthhhhbbbbbt! Armchair psychology 101. I'd tell you to get a clue, but I don't think you would recognise one, even if it fell off the same turnip truck you did, and hit you on the head! I could just as easily say that only a very insecure man would try to convince a woman she would be more attractive if she changed her tone, view and attitude because HE couldn't handle the unpleasant truths she was aggressively fulminating.

>From my point of view, I definitely appreciate an
>intelligent woman who possesses admirable human

Admirable, of course, by YOUR definition....

>Such a woman would love herself and consequently search
>for the positive aspects of life.She wouldn't have the
>need nor desire to fritter away precious time on such nonsense.

"She would only spend her time on things that *I* deemed worthy of attention."

>She'd have no obsessive desire to prove to a mass of
>strangers how witty she was, but in actuality would reveal
>to the intelligent readers her extreme insecurity and mental

(But YOU don't have an obsessive desire to prove your superior intellect to a total stranger...?)

"I appreciate a woman who can overlook my bad grammar, and my condescending attitude.-- A woman who knows how to act demure and feminine so as not to endanger my ego by speaking out against injustices or challenging my controlling behavior. (or behaving in any other "unladylike" manner.) She must be willing to sit on the narrow pedestal I created and play the role *I* have defined as appropriate for her.... She should not draw any attention to herself, unless it is to draw attention to ME, by hanging off my arm. After all, I'm only trying to HELP her...."

(she'd reveal her extreme insecurity by staying, and putting up with you...)

Maybe you are afraid that the "woman" who is currently tolerating you might read something on HBI and come to her senses? Better keep her away from the article on manipulators....

Yes, I know, I should spend my time knitting and crocheting and making a quilt for the church bazaar. In between cooking and cleaning house, and tending to the needs of the "man" in my life....

>Granted there are many people who fit the descriptions
> that you seem to enjoy agonizing over, but
>why do you consciously pursue this myopic direction?

"The surest defense against Evil is extreme individualism, originality of thinking, whimsicality, even—if you will—eccentricity." -Joseph Brodskey

or, if you prefer:

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men [and women] to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Shall we all sit in our homes, mediated by prozac and turn a blind eye to anything that might smack of "negative"? HBI is Myopic? *laugh*. That statement is hilarious coming from someone who wants women to wear rose-coloured glasses! (so that they will be more "attractive". *snort*)

BTW - HBI doesn't "agonize" over assholes. It nails them to the wall.

>If you are unable to experience love and joy why not
> strive to learn how? I mean, c'mon, you're
>the biggest whiner possible and you don't see it.
>You have carried the whole whining thing to a pinnacle.

More armpit psychology. And painfully bad/misguided at that.... Why must idiots like you presume that a person who writes about the negative side of relationships is somehow incapable of experiencing the positive? Perhaps it is PRECISELY because I have experienced BOTH that I am encouraging women NOT to settle for assholes? It is not surprising that someone with your kind of attitudes would feel threatened by someone who encourages women NOT to seek affirmation and self-acceptance through the approbation of others, but by fulfilling themselves through their OWN definition of self.

>Anyway, I'm happy that woman I am fortunate to have
>relationships with are truly wonderful ladies.

"And YOU'LL never have someone like me" (Thank GOD!!!!)

she has multiple personality disorder? (that might explain a lot....)

>I just can't imagine any of them as bitter and
>uninteresting as you. I have no desire to belittle
>- I suppose in some way I'm trying to help you.

*snort* Take your patronizing pat on the head and shove it up your ass.

Like ANYONE needs this kind of "help". You are seriously LAME. Is this an example of the kind of "positive" behavior you believe I should be emulating? What a pathetic excuse for a double standard. Do you really BELIEVE that kind of crap is trying to be "helpful"? Who lacks internal honesty here?

>Nobody sees every aspect of one's self and you are
>severely deficient in being cognizant of your extreme
>negativity and it's harmful effects to you only.
>My advice is to try to be a giver and not a taker.

My advice is to stop attempting to give unsolicited advice to total strangers that you know nothing about. It is incredibly fatuous (and ignorant) to presume you "know" someone by reading their written works. You can intellectually wank all you like - it doesn't necessarily bring you closer to the truth, and the farther you are from reality, the more you come across looking like a complete and utter pompous ass.

>Try helping people unsolicited and without ulterior motives.

Maybe someday you'll fall off that high horse and fall right on your pointed little head. That kind of attitude destroyed entire cultures by forcing morally self-righteous beliefs and practises on people under the auspices of "helping" them. Your assertions are wholly lacking in credibility.

If you were capable of reading effectively, you would have noted that HBI does NOT berate "helping" others -- it encourages personal responsibility, and supports women who are sick of the "users", manipulators, and lazy people in our society. It encourages people to take control of their lives and not buy into media-driven gender roles, nor put up with shit. It would appear that you find that sort of defiance threatening.

>Try not being so selfish and self centered.

Try not to be so pompous and misguided.

>What I find especially ironic and pathetic is the
>notion that should you ever meet your male counterpart
>who possesses an attitude, perspective, demeanor and
>personality similar to your own - most likely you would
>consider this individual to be most revolting and obnoxious.

What I find especially ironic and pathetic is that there are women in the world that would actually put up with your overweening sanctimony.

The theme of your entire letter can be summarized by the following lines: "Quit being so loud, outspoken, and assertive. Don't say anything negative - it will make you repulsive to men, and god knows, you won't be happy unless you have male approval, like mine."

*gag* how revoltingly stereotypical.

Thank-you for epitomizing so much of what HBI rails against.

>Saying a prayer for you,

Go thump your bible elsewhere.


Subject: Re: Be Honest With Yourself
To: Ron Johnson
From: The Supreme Bitch

> * You obviously were quite captivated by my comments.

You obviously can't tell the difference between "captivated" and "contemptuous".

>Too bad you invested so much time expressing your
> vile hatred in response. I spent about two minutes
> reading your crazy diatribe. I sincerely feel sorry for
>you. You must be incredibly miserable with no friends
> - do you wonder why? Time to start loving and not hating.
>Start thinking on a higher spiritual plane, not about
>mundane and crass ways to exalt your existing mastery of
>hateful disparaging ways. You're an evil woman. It's a
>shame. Please don't bother responding as I have no
> interest in continuing with you any further correspondence.
>You are far too off the deep end for me to help you,
>especially considering you express no desire to improve
>your aura and perspective. I would bet your face manifests
>this hatred very clearly. I'll bet most people instantly
>find you reprehensible and avoid you. Your only friends must
>be very selfish and empty headed. You are truly alone in this


It must be hard to get enough oxygen for your brain to function effectively at that lofty altitude....


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