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Valentines? Who needs it!

Sick of all the gooey red and pink hearts? All the insipid cards and cupids? Well if you are feeling REALLY bitter, you can spend some time here, with lots of other people who hate Valentine's day too. We've compiled a list of sites with a similar distaste for "Commercialize Love Day".

Hey, WE have an Idea! Instead of saying it with flowers, or cards, or candy or hearts - SAY IT WITH HONESTY. EVERY DAY of the year. Doesn't cost a cent.

Hate Valentine's Day? Send a Heartless eCard instead!

Fabulana vents her spleen about social idiocy in this year's V-DAY RANT

A User Friendly Take on Valentine's Day

Send an Anti-Valentine E-Card! from Meish and Brainsluice

Hate not having someone to LOOOOVE on Valentines? It could be worse! (We love Foamy!)

Despair.com - it warms the place where our hearts used to be... and bless them, they have come up with the antidote to those revolting Sweetart hearts! Bittersweets

Azrael is BITTER

Avery Ant's Valentine Rant

Anti-Valentine's day Event for Women in NYC/Manhattan

For those with a particularly black and sick sense of humor, be sure to press the buttons on the right and see what happens to Smoochies, from Atomfilms.

13thStreet.com's list of Anti-valentine's day links - For The Week Of Feb 7, 2002

I hate Valentine's Day - from the necrofile

Love Slave Day - Two university students suggest changing V-Day to Love Slave Day.
Sounds good to me!

Need therapy? You will if you follow this:
Twelve step program for non-daters on Valentine's Day

Fuck You & Your Valentine
- Another rant from a truly well balanced individual

Dead Hero on Valentine's Day
- Yet another male complaining about the commercialism

And the best for last, Ron saw fit to host the Wake mourning the Death of Love - tortured teddies! dead flowers! bitter chocolate! All in full color!

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