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Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Teeny-weenie discussion really struck a chord... here I was imagining that I'm all liberated and egalitarian and everything, and I'm still thinking there was something wrong, emasculating, and unfair about voicing a penis size preference.

I can't deal with little ones. Just can't. Medium-sized, fine. Big is preferable. But I need me a Claussen dill, not a cocktail gherkin, and that's final. I am embarrassed to say I actually suspected that I was too big... fuck it! The last thing women need is yet another bullshit issue to beat themselves up over.

I think that one of the reasons why the teeny-weenie discussion is so sensitive is that the dominant culture has bought into men's fetishizing of penis size. Guys tend to see their penises as being reflections of themselves and symbolic of all kinds of weighty issues. Women, at least intelligent and empowered women, don't. It's just a thing to pee out of and fuck with. Sometimes we have to deal with bullshit from men who are neurotic about their penises; witness the red-sports-car or obscenely-huge-SUV issue. I'll call a guy on it if it's obvious that he's being a jerk based on his feelings of inadequacy, but I won't join in the game of ascribing cosmic significance to The Cock.

Won't buy a bra that doesn't fit or a car I can't stretch my legs out in, and I'd rather not bang a guy who's not big enough for my taste.

It's just a thing that hangs off you, guys, not a symbol of personal worth. I'm not deluded enough to expect that boys will get enlightened on this issue anytime soon -- it has been going on for millennia, after all -- but damned if I'll buy into it.

The purpose of this unfocused screed is to give endless thanks to y'all at HBI for raising my consciousness on this issue. I'm over it now. Thank you!

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