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Why Heartless Bitches Rock My World

By H. Martin

Heartless Bitches make the best bosses because they will tell you, point-blank, if your work stinks. (Also, like a good dominatrix, they'll make you come back for more beatings and like it.)

Heartless Bitches make the best wives, because if you don't measure up, you'll know right away when you come home and find all your clothes in the trashcan.

Heartless Bitches make the best girlfriends, because if you don't satisfy them they'll toast you, and do it in front of all your friends, letting them know you can't keep up your end of the deal, so to speak.

Heartless Bitches make the best dates, because if they don't like you, they take off in the middle of dinner, after ordering everything expensive on the menu.

Heartless Bitches make the best friends, because they don't mind being honest about telling you that you are acting like a loser.

Heartless Bitches make the best teammates and peers at work, because they fight like banshees to win, so you always get their best, instead of some wishy-washy ditz with fluff for brains "defering to your judgement" on design or implemention of something.

Yup, I'll take a heartless bitch over a twit any day. At least she'll dare to be the best.

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