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Women Who NEED Men

(Nov 12, 2007)

by Jessica Wilson


I just got back from my weekly nail appointment and I am shocked. My manicurist spent the entire hour I was in her salon telling me how happy she is that I finally settled down. That I needed a man to complete my life, and since I had recently began "cohabiting" with a young man, I am apparently off to a great start! What shocks me is this woman is not in her mid 80's, she is only about 40, she was raised in Newark, not in some medieval cult commune. She also has 3 lovely daughters that she is undoubtedly teaching this warped school of thought to. To be fair, I asked her to elaborate. She plainly stated that if something breaks, I need a man to fix it, if something is heavy, I need a man to move it. I need a man to fix my car, pay my bills and keep me warm at night.

The only thing that kept my ass in her chair was the fact that she was half done.

I don't need a man in my life. If something in my home breaks and I can't fix it myself, I am blessed with a phone book and the ability to read and dial a phone to call the appropriate professional to rectify the problem. If the problem is permanent, I will buy a replacement. If an item is to heavy for me to move, I can call on a friend to help me out, or just leave it where it is. I have a mechanic to fix my car, a down quilt on my bed to keep me warm at night and a great job that more than pays my bills. I even have a trusty vibrator, so I don't even need a man to get off! I am horrified that there are still women out there who think they need men to get by. Women should be with a man because they want to. Women do not need babysitters or caretakers.

I chose the man I am with because he compliments my life, not because I think he may be able to complete it. My life was pretty damn good before he came along, now it is just better, and if we should split up, I know I still have that pretty damn good life there for me.

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